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Our Mission Statement

Growing On (GO) is a child and family support resource entity that provides enrichment & academic programs, and other resources to assist youth & families in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.  Our services are administered through a team of qualified professionals.

Dr. Lucille Hilliard and Marcellus Mitchell, educators with more than 20 years of experience, continue to promote positive behaviors through after school, summer camp and weekend programs.  Determined to help DC Public School (DCPS) students find a positive productive safe place for after-school and summer activities, GO began outreaching to local schools, churches, and community based organizations instilling positive youth development strategies through math, reading and enrichment workshops.  GO’s vision is to provide services that ignite self-awareness, promote wholeness, and generate self empowerment, while motivating and challenging youth to grow continuously. GO leaves an indelible impact on all youth served, and establishes a lasting relationship with all the inner-city students served throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area.


Growing On (GO) is an organization based in love, service and commitment.  GO provides youth with incentive to move from one stage of growth to the next.  The mission of GO is to enhance character and promote positive life skills in youth ages 5 and up and adults. 

GO accomplishes its mission through workshops, seminars, counseling, training and motivational speakers. The principles of GO are clear and direct:

  • Growing does not cease with age or stature

  • Everyone has an area in his or her life where growth is needed

  • If you are at the same mental state today as you were yesterday, more than likely growth is needed to change tomorrow’s outlook


GO provides youth with wisdom, which is acquired from the past; knowledge, which is useful for the present; and understanding, which helps to cope with future challenges.  With the newly acquired assets, youth are motivated to a level of independence; which helps them become responsible and mature enough to manage growth in their own lives. 


All of our tutors are carefully screened and interviewed, including thorough reference checks. Our tutors have excellent qualifications. We also have tutors with degrees and masters in English, science (including tutors for physics, chemistry and biology), mathematics, social studies, and tutors for foreign languages.


Growing On is equipped to provide services to youth and families in Washington D. C., Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and New Jersey.  The mission of Growing On is to teach youth and families what they need to "Know," so they can "Grow" and "GO."  Yes, "GO!" 

"GO" as informed, responsible, self-sufficient individuals and make this world a better place. 

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Dr. Lucille Hilliard

Marcellus Mitchell

Dr. Daneka Lucas

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Rhonda Mitchell

Dr. Prince Hunter

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